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…blending cutting-edge magic, hilarious comedy, and the art of mind-reading to deliver an unparalleled and interactive experience for corporate and private events. Whether you’re looking for strolling entertainment, a formal show, or a bit of both, Jason has different options to accommodate events of any size.

Things to consider when hiring a Magician in Canada

A magician and illusionist who performs close-up magic or stage magic needs to do more than just perform the tricks. They must be sure that they trigger a positive reaction from the audience. To ensure a stellar performance, the performer needs to literally enter into the frame of the crowd’s mind, and steer them into a world of magic, mentalism and illusion, leaving them with no other thoughts than the admiration for the of magical wonders that he or she has performed. So, before you hire a magician in Canada make sure that he or she possesses the skills mentioned below:

Ability to hold the Audience

These days, the luxury of time to hold an audience’s attention is shrinking. People just don’t have the attention span that they once did; they are easily distracted, and sometimes won’t even give the time to sit and watch an entertaining performance at a party, corporate event, or celebration. Therefore, a good close-up or stage magician will always keep his or her performance entertaining and engage, so that he or she captures the 100% attention of the crowd.

Unveils Creative Tricks

Nowadays there are so many magic tricks available online, and that can be one reason why it is difficult to impress an audience. You need to hire a magician near me who has something new to offer. Even with a simple deck of cards, an experienced magician and mentalist can still break the fences of reality by performing creative tricks that can boggle the minds of the spectators, and entertain everyone.

Communicates Effectively

Communication is still the key to the world of successfully performing magic, illusion and mentalism. Only an experienced magician knows how to perform and communicate effectively with the audience. Simply conversing with the crowd and trying to show a few tricks, isn’t enough to be entertaining at an event. The magician actually needs words that can engage the audience, allowing them to detach themselves from their surroundings, and enjoy the show. A skillful performer will connect with the group on all levels, leaving them amazed and entertained.

Immense Concentration

When you hire a magician in Canada, it is vital to determine if he or she has the ability to deliver a solid performance, and maintain their concentration during the show—even if there is a lot of noise and hustle and bustle in the room. This is especially the case with close-up magic, where it is often a busy environment, with a lot of guests moving about the venue. A professional comedy magician like Jason Palter will never get affected negatively by the area in which he or she is performing.

Chooses the Right Tricks

A competent magician knows which trick is meant for which place in the show. For instance, a close-up magic trick would not be shown during a stage show because it would be difficult to be seen. In another example, in a party where adults are present, the magician or illusionist would not perform for the audience using magic tricks that are meant for kids. A smart performer knows how to do the right selection of the magic tricks, at the right time, and ensure that he sets the tone for a dazzling, entertaining and spectacular show.


At a time when you can find many different choices of magicians, illusionists and mentalists, you should be sure to hire a magician near me who gets the audience completely amazed and entertained by his or her magic show. You can take all of the points mentioned above, and feel confident that you select a top, award-winning comedy magician like Jason Palter, who will deliver an amazing performance for your audience!

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Mystivate is a trademarked word created by Jason Palter that finds its genesis in “Mystify to Motivate”, reflecting Jason’s philosophy that it is easier to be motivated and educated while being mystified and entertained, and participants actually better retain information this way.