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…blending cutting-edge magic, hilarious comedy, and the art of mind-reading to deliver an unparalleled and interactive experience for corporate and private events. Whether you’re looking for strolling entertainment, a formal show, or a bit of both, Jason has different options to accommodate events of any size.

Best Comic Magician in New York

Magic and comedy are two powerful arts, and when blended together, they can cast a spell on the audience. Unfortunately, most of the magicians for a private party do not know how to mix humor with their magic act. This is one of the reasons why event producers find it difficult to find a good comic magician in New York.

That said, it is also true that many party organizers think that a magician cannot make the crowd laugh like a professional stand-up comedian would, and that is why they look for two separate artists.

You can make better use of your budget by hiring not only the best Magician in Brooklyn but also a person who can make the audience laugh. Here some of the benefits of selecting a comic magician. Read the following and see the advantages of opting for a magician like Jason Palter, who can make the audience laugh hysterically and mystify them with his incredible magic.

Offers more Engagement

The best thing about a comic magician in New York is that he or she knows how to keep the audience engaged effortlessly. They do not have to bombard the crowd with multiple magic tricks. Rather they can perform a few power-packed illusions and combine that with an incredible wit and fun, so that they capture the audience. The level of engagement and the involvement among the audience gets increased with an illusionist like Jason Palter, who knows how to weave comedy and humor in their magic act.

Value for money

When you hire the best Magician in Brooklyn who knows how to instill laughter in his or her act, then you save a lot of money. The major reason why it is considered value for money is that now you do not have to hire a comedian too. Instead, you invest your money by hiring one person, but you get the benefit of two entertainers, and so this makes hiring a comic magician like Jason Palter cost-effective.

Efficient time management

Many times, in corporate parties or even in social parties, things don’t go as planned, and that can lead to a delay in serving food or in the arrival of a guest etc. In such situations, an unexperienced magician for private party may not be able to manage the problem. However, an illusionist like Jason Palter, who has a good sense of humor, can keep the event lively and ensure that the audience remains entertained.

Helps in Reducing Frustrations

With corporate events, you often have who have been working so hard for the company, that they need to have some downtime and enjoy themselves. The same is true for your holiday parties where you as the event producer will want to relax and have a great time. That is why you are advised to look for a comic magician like Jason Palter, who has the expertise to boggle your mind with spectacular magic tricks, and also knows how to instill fun in his act by involving the audience.


So now you can see the importance of selecting a comic magician in New York. Make sure that when you opt for a magician for a private party that make sure you select the illusionist like comic magician Jason Palter, who knows how to add humor in his magic act.

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Mystivate is a trademarked word created by Jason Palter that finds its genesis in “Mystify to Motivate”, reflecting Jason’s philosophy that it is easier to be motivated and educated while being mystified and entertained, and participants actually better retain information this way.