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…blending cutting-edge magic, hilarious comedy, and the art of mind-reading to deliver an unparalleled and interactive experience for corporate and private events. Whether you’re looking for strolling entertainment, a formal show, or a bit of both, Jason has different options to accommodate events of any size.

Canada’s Best Magician in Ontario

When you plan a social gathering, then apart from taking care of food and decorations, you also need to plan the entertainment. You do not want to have a dull and boring party where there is no Master of Ceremonies (Emcee). However, just by selecting a MC or Host, your problem is not solved. You need to get a professional. To make your party burst with excitement, you also need the best magician in Ontario like Jason Palter.

Now, in the case where you want entertainment and also someone to be your Emcee, it seems quite an expensive undertaking to hire two professionals just for one gathering. But here is some great news: you can solve this problem by selecting one person who can perform both the roles! Continue reading to see why it is the best choice to opt for a magician and illusionist like Jason Palter, who can also act as your MC.

Who is a magician?

A magician is a person who can perform tricks, mentalism, and illusion. This person knows how to do magic in front of a lot of people, and mystify and entertain them. This is an art and a rare talent that comes not only with practice, but also a professional magician possesses an innate ability to entertain an audience. People like this are rare, and that is sometimes why it can be so hard to find the best magician in Ontario.

Who is a Master of Ceremonies?

Speaking with guests and keeping them engaged requires communication skills blended with a sense of humor and wit. A person who can hold the attention at a gathering, and ensure that the event moves smoothly as per the schedule, is known as a Master of Ceremonies, or Emcee (or MC). He or she is responsible for keeping the party going, introducing people, and ensuring that all the presentations, performances, and scheduled speakers are organized in the best way. This job can be very difficult, as an audiences’ attention must be kept at all times.Benefits of selecting a magician who can perform the role of an Emcee

Undoubtedly, the two talents of performing magic combined with having the expertise in communicating with others, can be rare to find in one person…but it is not impossible. Therefore, you must try to look for a person who is excellent at both skills, because the advantages it will have for your event are multifold: Keeps the guests more engaged

Just by hiring a Master of Ceremonies doesn’t guarantee that your guests at your corporate event or company party will remain engaged for the whole duration. That is why you need a person like Jason Palter who has a talent in performing illusions that keep the audiences’ attention glued for the whole time. Make sure that the guests are not embarrassed

Some of your guests may not be very willing to take part in all of the activities. Sometimes people don’t even like jokes. So, what do you do in situations like this? You make sure that you hire a professional like Jason Palter who can act as an amazing magician and illusionist, and also can be an engaging MC and read the audience well. Jason will ensure that the presentation that is delivered will appeal to everyone.


If you hire Jason Palter for both roles, then you are spending money on only one person, but you are getting two incredible acts for your money. It is an incredible value! A magician like Jason Palter who can also be your Emcee, is someone who will keep your guests engaged and entertained. Jason will add an amazing energy and humor, and inject pizzazz and fun into even the most humdrum social gatherings, stiff corporate events, or dull holiday parties.

Final Thoughts

If you want a professional who entertain, and can also solve any little problems that pop up during a party (such as when dinner is late or the speaker gets delayed), then you must look for the best magician in Ontario who is also a Master of Ceremonies. He or she will add electricity and vibrancy to any corporate or company event, private party or gathering.

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Mystivate is a trademarked word created by Jason Palter that finds its genesis in “Mystify to Motivate”, reflecting Jason’s philosophy that it is easier to be motivated and educated while being mystified and entertained, and participants actually better retain information this way.