“The good actor never appears to be acting, and the good magician never appears to be performing.” 

Jason Palter LIVE is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s memorable. You will laugh your butt off. You will leave entertained and wanting more. Prepare to be blown away!

Performer + Innovator = Entertainer

For Jason Palter, magic is so much more than the art of performing tricks.

Magic is not just about the art of performing tricks or fooling people. Like a good actor, a good magician and illusionist will create an environment where the audience will suspend disbelief, and allow them to relax and have fun. Jason Palter’s comedy and interaction with everyone further encourages them to let go, and immerse themselves into the experience.

As with many magicians, the love magic was born at an early age; Jason was just 9 years old when he received his first magic set. He has been performing magic and illusions internationally for over 20 years in North America, the Bahamas and Aruba. Jason’s background in theater combined with his university degree in Radio/TV Arts, gives him the unique advantage of being able to visualize the art of performance from multiple angles. He uses this familiarity to enhance his shows and elevate the experience for his audience.

Jason carefully researches every audience to ensure the illusions, humor and event’s theme will blend seamlessly into a customized performance.



A comic magician transcends the usual definitions. Here are the many faces of Jason Palter …

The PerformerRope1

Jason has been hailed for his unique performance style. His commitment to excellence earned him Canada’s prestigious Entertainer of the Year honor, from the Canadian Event Industry Awards.

The actor and coachPubaret

As a sought-after magic consultant and coach, Jason teaches magic to actors for film projects and commercials. Past students include Al Pacino and Richard Dreyfuss. He also performs as an actor and voice-over talent.

The innovatorLaughing2

Through his company, Paltergeist Unlimited, Jason has invented and marketed more than a dozen highly sought-after magic trick products for amateur and professional magicians across the globe.